Worship Opportunities: 

       Saturday 6:15 PM - Sunday 9:00 AM - Sunday 10:30 AM

Wednesday Night Ministry:

Family Dinner 5:30 PM - BLAST  Kids 6:00 - Forge Students 7:15 PM

Leaving a spiritual legacy for the next generation of Christ followers

Each year we host a special event called 'Baptism at the Lake' at our Lake Maloney. We immerse believers and celebrate what the Holy Spirit is doing in them. We also enjoy homemade pie with a scoop of ice cream. Look for more information next summer.

Communion is the sign of the loaf and cup indicating God's amazing love in the life, death, and resurrection of God's only son, Jesus.  

The focus of Communion is the sacrifice and death of Jesus on the cross.  In Jesus' death is salvation; we are saved from the power of sin and death through God's forgiveness while we are being saved for abundant life now and eternal life in heaven.  Everyone is welcome to receive Communion at First Church. 

We offer communion on the first Sunday of every month at all three worship services and every Sunday at our 9:00 service, The ROCK.

Baptism is the sign of water indicating God’s amazing grace and our desire to live a life of holiness through Jesus Christ.  For this reason, we do not "re-baptize" those who have already experienced baptism.  

First Church baptizes all ages (infant through adult) during worship and in all ways; sprinkling, pouring, and immersion. Baptism always follows a conversation with our pastor.

Baptism and Communion