Worship Opportunities: 

       Saturday 6:15 PM - Sunday 9:00 AM - Sunday 10:30 AM

Wednesday Night Ministry: (Resumes January 10)

Family Dinner 5:30 PM - BLAST  Kids 6:00 - Forge Students 7:15 PM

Leaving a spiritual legacy for the next generation of Christ followers

Coming Opportunities

The Lincoln Connection, Thursday, October 19 @ 6:15

The Salvation  Army, Friday, October 20 @ 5:30

Thanksgiving Food Drive: Pick up bags to fill in Worship October 28/29 and Drop off in Worship November 4/5.

Leave your name and email and we will get in touch with you about our next serving opportunity.

How to help!

One way Jesus frequently shared His love with others was by sharing a meal. So we follow the example of Jesus' ministry by serving in the local homeless shelter (the Lincoln Connection) at least once a month and at the Salvation Army at least once a quarter. We have volunteers that help distribute food at one of the local pantries and we do two or three food drives to stock those pantries each year.

There are several ways to help Feed the Hungry. You can donate to the ministry, bring a side-salad or desert, or simply show up and serve. Listed below is a contact form to get you with our Missions Committee that coordinates this ministry and the next date(s) to serve.