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Summer 2017 Verses

Say It.

Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Emphasize Each Word.

June 11, Philippians 1:3

June 18, Philippians 1:29

June 25, Matthew 5:11

July 2, Philippians 2:3

July 9,  Philippians 2:13

July 16, Philippians 2:21

July 23, Philippians 3:7

July 30, Matthew 16:25-26

August 6, Philippians 3:15

August 13, Philippians 4:5

August 20, Philippians 4:6

August 27, Philippians 4:13

September 3, Philippians 4:19

Challenge A Friend.

Hang It Up.

Write It Down.

Start by writing the verse down word for word. Use your own Bible or copy the verse from this page. After copying it down a few times, put the verse in your own words until it sticks. Putting the verse in your own words helps you examine the verse deeper and allows for a more personal connection to the Word of God.

Challenge someone to memorize this verse with you. You can text each other reminders or ask one another about the verse whenever you meet. Have fun with it and make it an opportunity to get coffee or lunch together at the end of the week. Whoever doesn't get it memorized gets the bill!

Read the verse out loud. Reading out loud not only makes you focus on what you aresaying but also engages your ears - you hear it too! Do this a few times every day this week and you will have the verse memorized before you know it. Then you can 'say it' to a friend when they need a word of encouragement.

Sometimes verses are too long to memorize all at once. If the verse is long, then try breaking up the text into two or three sections. Start by memorizing the first section. Once you have it, then memorize the second section and so on. Here's another way to 'break it up' - Spend two minutes working on the verse and focusing on Jesus three times a day. Do it once in the morning, then at noon, and again in the evening. This is what King David did with his prayer time.

Recite the verse multiple times out loud. Each time you recite it, emphasize a different word. As you emphasize that word listen to how it impacts the verse. Check out this example using John 3:16;
'For GOD so loved the world...'
'For God SO loved the world...'
'For God so LOVED the world...'

Make some note cards and put this verse up on your wall at your work, hang it on your bathroom mirror, or hang it on your refrigerator. Placing the verse where you will see it often, allows you to engage with it multiple times a day. It will become a reminder to think about it. More importantly, it can be a reminder of the hope and joy we have in Jesus.
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Break It Up.