Summer Worship: 

       Saturday 6:15 PM | Sunday 9:00 AM | Sunday 10:30 AM​

Leaving a spiritual legacy for the next generation of Christ followers

​The sign-up deadline is Wednesday, March 28th.  Students can drop out if necessary and, once the deadline passes, admission will be based on availability at the camp.

So don't wait!  Sign up today!  A sign-up form is below, along with 2 Parent Information Packets and a Medical Release Form.

A $50 deposit is required to secure your child's spot, but that does go towards the overall $200 cost and scholarships are available if you cannot afford any or all of the cost for your child attending Mission Camp.

​Please contact Justin if you have any questions.

How is Mission Camp Different from Previous Years' Mission Trips?

For starters, each day we will be joining with 1000 other teenagers from churches all over the country for some engaging worship and a life-changing message by Lance Schumake, the President of iGo Global (a youth mission-sending agency).  This will be an incredible opportunity to experience God with a thousand other teenagers in an exciting, dynamic, energy-filled environment, and for students to hear from a prominent speaker.  Lance knows his Bible, has a lot of depth, and is a great communicator.  Your child(ren) will be challenged!

Also, as previously mentioned, we will be staying by gender in dorms at a host site – in our case, Southwest Baptist University.  The students will have their own beds, so there will be no sleeping on a floor!  Additionally, all of our meals will be provided throughout the week. 

Further, each afternoon, once we return to the campus from our Mission Site, we will all have 1-2 hours of pure “Free Time.”  During this time the students could do a number of things that would not have been an opportunity in previous years, which would include (but obviously is not limited to) such things as participating in a camp-wide, week-long dodgeball, basketball, or volleyball tournament.  There will be other group recreation games, the college has a pool that should be open, the students would be free to nap, etc.  There really are endless Free Time options, including Team Building exercises.
It is incredibly fun and really is full of “randomness.”  There will be plenty of time for shenanigans!

But, it will also be an intentional time of getting to know the Father.  Getting away from North Platte and into an intentional “Jesus-filled” environment is something we know the Lord will use to grow and challenge our young people.   The heart of this camp, is discipleship – real relationships with God and with each other, real life-change, real growth…and real fun!  The camp is designed to take your child – regardless of where he or she is on his or her journey – deeper and deeper, and for that growth to be sustained.

Over the last few summers, the youth group has visited different parts of the country as part of the annual Mission Trip.  This year we will continue that same tradition, but instead of just going on a Mission Trip we will be going to a Mission Camp​!

The theme for the week will be "I AM."  Your students will learn about and be challenged to trust their lives to the One, True Living God, the Great I AM.

How is Mission Camp the Same as Previous Years' Mission Trips?

As in previous years, we will still be working on a Mission Project throughout the entire week.  Every day, from about 11:30am until 5pm, we will visit the same project - giving us an opportunity to build relationships with the people we are helping and see the work completed. 

We may be painting, landscaping, helping build a house, etc. 

Additionally, the youth group will be staying together the entire time.  We value community and relationship building and believe it is important for our students to really grow in unity and develop deep friendships with each other.  We also believe it is important for students to see their leaders in "the trenches" with them. 

We will have a Small Group Bible Study each afternoon in addition to a “recap” time as a group each night following Worship.

Mission Camp will be in Bolivar, Missouri and runs from Monday, June 25th – Friday, June 29th.  We will be staying in dorms at a college (separated by gender, of course), and all of our meals will be provided.  Mission Camp is open to all students who have just completed 6th grade through graduated seniors.  The cost is $200, and Scholarships are available