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There is no time left for doom and gloom!  I need a victory!  I need some big things…some giants…to stop, to fall, to die.  The glory killers, the joy stealers, and the peace wreckers must be defeated. I am calling on Jesus so there is no more taunting, no more tempting, and no more trials from the power of darkness.  My battle cry is simple; “Stop in the name of Jesus!”  

I am tired of the fear, the rejection, the anger, and the addiction.  I hate being so comfortable being pushed down that I am no longer able to dream, to take the next step, or to take a chance on Jesus. Something needs to change today!  I am ready for the shackles to be broken and freedom to break loose.  I am ready for the Goliath in my life to be defeated today!  I am ready to be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This summer we will focus on David and Goliath in I Samuel 17.  Please join us on the journey towards living free!

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