We have several small groups that go above and beyond. They meet more often and select their own bible study materials. This fall we have two groups meeting in addition to our other small groups. One meets on Monday's at two, here at the church. The other meets here as well, but on Thursday at 8:00. Fill out the contact us info at the bottom of this page to join either of these groups.

We also have a United Methodist Women's (UMW) ministry. UMW is like our small group's ministry, but with a deeper and longer history tied to the Methodist movement. Click HERE for more information on UMW.

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First Church Small Group Ministry

Women's Groups

Men's Groups

Currently, we have men who participate in our small group's ministry, but we also have a Men's group that shares devotionals or personal bible study insights every Thursday at 7:00 here at the church. 

Find the right group for you.

First Church's Small Group Ministry is about gathering individuals with the intention of creating community and engaging in discipleship.  Joining in the journey of a Small Group is a great step in creating a deeper relationship with other Christ-followers and with Jesus.

Currently, we are in a seven-week series that begins the discussion with a message from Pastor Doug in worship and continues the conversation during the week with our groups. Being in a Small Group is a part of our journey - our walk with Jesus.

Worship Opportunities: 

       Saturday 6:15 PM - Sunday 9:00 AM - Sunday 10:30 AM

Wednesday Night Ministry: 

Family Dinner 5:30 PM - BLAST  Kids 6:00 - Forge Students 7:15 PM

Leaving a spiritual legacy for the next generation of 

christ followers